Twitter Integration


It is strongly recommended that users be able to authenticate with Twitter when using Socialize so as to maximize the exposure, and promotion of your app.

This provides significant benefits to both your application, and your users including:

  1. Improved user experience through personalized comments
  2. Automatic profile creation (user name and profile picture)
  3. Ability to automatically post user comments and likes to Twitter
  4. Promotes your app on Twitter by associating your app with a users’ tweets

To add Twitter authentication, you’ll need a Twitter Application and the consumer key/consumer secret for the Twitter app. If you already have a Twitter app, you can skip this section.

Setting up Twitter

Creating a Twitter Application

If you do not already have a Twitter app just follow these simple steps:

  1. First create a Twitter app. Go to and create a new app:

  2. When creating the app, make sure you specify a callback URL. This can be any value, and is not actually called during authentication but Twitter requires a valid URL for callback otherwise authentication will fail.


    Make sure you specify a callback URL

  3. Change the permissions on the app to Read/Write

    The default permissions for new Twitter Apps is Read Only, this must be changed to Read/Write.

    Your Twitter Consumer Key and Consumer Secret is also displayed on this page


    These settings can be altered from the Settings tab on your Twitter App page


Configuring Twitter in Socialize

Once you have a twitter application, simply add your Twitter consumer key and secret to your file:

# Set your consumer key/secret for Twitter integration

Next you need to add your Twitter Consumer Key and Twitter Consumer Secret to the Socialize Web Dashboard:

Browse to the App Settings section of your app and scroll to the bottom where you can add your Twitter credentials:

images/twitter_web0.png images/twitter_web1.png
You've successfully completed the setup for Twitter