Upgrading Loopy


As with initial installation, Loopy upgrades are greatly simplified with CocoaPods. Upgrading assumes you have installed Loopy via the Getting Started page.

  • To obtain any updates to Loopy, simply navigate to the root directory of your project in the command line and enter the following:
$ pod update

Important Notes on Upgrading to v1.0.0-RC7

To allow compliance with Apple’s rules on IDFA (“advertisingIdentifier”), the Loopy library offers the option to disable the use of IDFA. You must disable IDFA if your app does not serve ads or it will be rejected by the App Store.

To disable IDFA in Loopy, navigate to STDeviceSettings and set the proprocessor macro flag to 0; to enable IDFA, set to 1 (the default):


The macro will remove any references to advertisingIdentifier in the code if so specified, ensuring it will not be detected during App Store submission.